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Management Consulting

Retaining a consultant may be the best way for your company to gain access to objective resources, specialized expertise, and blunt advice delivered respectfully without consequence.

Private Equity

Private equity firms involved in portfolio company investments need flexible strategies, some developed purposefully through active engagement with a consultant, to ensure success. At Sager, we can help your firm refine an investment thesis, profile industries, provide competitive intelligence, source targets, and everything you need to enhance deal flow.

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Succession Planning

Whether preparing an executive to take over as the leader of a small business or in a C-suite role inside a corporation, business succession planning is essential to the long-term viability and value of a company.

Our process serves as a proactive tool for your organization. We’re experienced not only in predicting new leadership position needs and future vacancy risks but also with proactively identifying and developing successors with high potential for leadership advancement.