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Retained Executive Search

When time, complexity, and confidentiality are critical, retained executive search is often the best option. Our fixed fee approach aligns our compensation with the objectives and intended outcome of the project, providing a discernible cost associated with the hire.

Over the last three decades, Sager has distinguished itself as an experienced and successful, executive search firm. Clients often look to us when larger firms fail, are excluded due to conflicts, or when the size of the company does not carry enough cache for a multi-national search practice.

Clients value our ability to evaluate relationships quickly, assess the opportunities, and structure an expedited approach through candidate identification, selection, and placement. You work with the principles in our office while our lean support staff and contract professionals stay focused on delivering results.

Are you challenged by the inconsistency of providers, settling for modest outcomes, and looking for a more integrated approach? Contact us to get started.


Our Process

When it comes to executive search, we boil it down to three questions:


Why are you conducting the search?


What is the outcome you are expecting?


How will it be measured?

Once we gain a clear picture, we dive quickly into a six-part strategy to find the perfect candidate in less than fifteen weeks.

Read Our 6-Part Strategy